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Catalyst evaluation : Chemisorption


Metal dispersion analysis

Metal dispersion rate is one of the important factors to determine the performance of metal supported catalyst.
The BEL-METAL series instruments are specialized in measuring metal dispersion rate.
There are two models in BEL-METAL series. Both instruments are designed for pulse chemisorption measurement and it provides the metal dispersion, surface area, and particle size of metal supported on catalysts.



As this system can pretreat and measure 3 samples simultaneously, it is useful for quality control. Just setting the measurement conditions, the measurement are carried out automatically from pretreatment and pulse chemisorption measurement. The chemisorption measurement such as ammonia and H2S, is available with the corrosion resistant option.


Measurement principle Dynamic flow method
Detector Thermal Conductivity Detector (W-Re filament)
Gas port  
Carrier gas 1 (He or Ar)
Pretreatment / Pulse 3 (H2, O2, etc.)
Adsorption gas 1 (CO or H2)
Gas flow control Needle valve
Electric furnace 1
Range RT-1200oC
Ramp rate
Quick cooling [1000100oC]90min
Physical W600D700H720mm

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