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Catalyst evaluation : Chemisorption


Catalyst analyzer

A large variety of analytical works are in one system.
The BELCAT series are powerful tools to evaluate catalyst properties. It can perform various essential analyses for catalyst evaluation such as TPD, TPReduction, TPO, Metal dispersion, BET 1 point method and pulse chemisorption measurement.
BELCAT series consists of the following three models.



BELCAT-M : The BELCAT-M is the basic model of BELCAT series.
While BELCAT-M is a compact and inexpensive instrument, a variety of measurement such as pulse chemisorption, TPD, TPO/TPR, and single point BET can be performed. The temperature control and data acquisition can be carried out by a high resolution interface and the measurement software. Valves and other parts are put on the front panel in a straightforward array and that allows intuitive and easy operation.

BELCAT-B : The BELCAT-B is a standard model of BELCAT series.
Temperature control, data acquisition and valve operation can be carried out automatically. Gas flow rates for carrier and pretreatment lines are controlled accurately by MFCs. A split-type electric furnace enables quick cooling. BELCAT-B can be customized as the customer's requirement. Measurement can be performed easily by setting the sample cell and entering the parameters and conditions.

BELCAT-A : The BELCAT-A is the high-end model of BELCAT series.
In addition to the function of BELCAT-B, vapor dosing such as water, pyridine etc. is available. The vapor concentration can be controlled with a heater. Valves and gas plumbing are placed in the temperature controlled air oven to prevent vapors from condensation. By combining a vapor condenser with the heater, the vapor concentration can be controlled more accurately in the wider range.


Measurement principle Dynamic flow method
Detector Thermal Conductivity Detector (W-Re filament)
Pretreatment port
Gas port
Carrier / Pretreatment / Pulse
Pretreatment / Pulse
(Gas ports can be added up to 10.)
Gas flow control
Carrier / Pretreatment / Pulse
Pretreatment / Pulse
Needle valve
Needle valve
Mass flow controller (non-corrosion resistant)
Mass flow controller (corrosion resistant)
Vapor dosing - -
Physical W550D480H745

Major Options

BELMass Benchtop type quadropole mass spectrometer
CATCryo Temperature controller for BELCAT from -100°C


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