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Catalyst evaluation : Gas Analyzer


Benchtop mass spectrometer

BELMass is a benchtop type quadrupole mass spectrometer. Combining with the catalyst analyzer, BELCAT, or the catalytic reactor system, BEL-REA, BELMass enables the advanced analysis.



Mass detector is known as the most efficient detector for qualitative analysis. However, at the same time, it has poor qualitative capacity. Because it only analyzes a small amount of gas, it is difficult to obtain the good quantitative result. By selecting the most appropriate materials and component layout. BEL has successfully produced "BELMass" with a high quantitative capacity. Even ammonia gas can be analyzed easily by using the heat hose and dry diaphragm pump.


Mass range 1 - 200amu
Detector Faraday cup / C-SEM
Min. detection limit < 1ppm. (Depends on the gas.)
Resolution M/∆M≥2M
Scan speed 0.01*, 0.03*, 0.1, 0.3, 1, 3, 10sec/amu (*Option)
Sniffer probe 1/16 inch capillary tube
Max. temperature of heater hose 150°C
Gas consumption rate Approximately 1cc/min (at 1atm)
Sample gas pressure Atmospheric pressure (50 - 150kPa)
Vent connection 6mm one-touch connection
Measurement channels Max. 16ch
Measurement mode Mass peak monitoring
Selected ion monitor
Leak detection
Partial pressure measurement
Other functions System check
Analog input
Conversion of the saved data into CSV
Interface RS232C
Analog input 1CH (DC0 - 10V, mainly used as a temperature input.)
Dimension, weight W216 × D717 × H368mm • 36 kg
Computer requirements CPU: Intel Pentium III or higher., OS: Windows XP
Memory : 512MB or more, Serial port : one

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