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Catalyst evaluation : Chemisorption


Temperature controller for BELCAT series.

CATCryo is a measurement temperature control system to BELCAT series. Combining with BELCAT series, the furnace temperature can be controlled from -100°C to 1100°C without changing the furnace.



CATCryo is a temperature control system developed for BELCAT series. This system enables the study of adsorption, desorption, reaction behavior from/at low temperature.


Cooling method Liquid nitrogen spray
Temperature range -100°C to 1000°C
Ramp rate 100°C/min
Quick cooling From 600°C to 0°C : 10min
Volume of LN2 bottle 10litter (Option : 20litter)


Reduction behavior of Pd supported catalyst Pd supported catalyst is reduced at temperature below zero and emits hydrogen at around 50°C.

Pulse chemisorption measurement of ceria-based noble metal catalysis

The metal dispersion ratio of the metal supported catalysis is often evaluated using CO pulse chemisorption measurement at 50°C. However, in case of the ceria-based catalysis, CO is consumed not only by the chemisorptions on metal, but also reaction with oxygen absorbed in ceria support to form CO2 and therefore, it is impossible to evaluate the metal dispersion ratio by the CO pulse chemisorptions measurement at 50°C. In the measurement at temperature below zero, the reaction of CO and O2 is suppressed and the metal dispersion ratio can be estimated accurately.

Pulse chemisorption measurement at 50°C

Pulse chemisorption measurement at -78°C

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