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Catalyst evaluation

For characterization of solid catalysts and evaluation of catalytic reaction.
This can evaluate the number of acid sites and acid strength of solid acid catalysts by TPD method, metal dispersion rate of metal supported catalysts by pulse chemisorption method and BET single point specific surface area.
In order to evaluate catalytic reaction, we can provide the customized catalytic reactor for the customer's application.

Catalyst evaluation

Catalyst analyzer

This can evaluate acidity/basicity of solid catalysts, metal dispersion rate, and BET surface area. In addition to the function as a catalyst analyzer (BELMass), BELCATII can measure adsorption breakthrough curve.

Metal dispersion analysis

BEL-METAL-1 is reasonable and compact automatic model, specialized for pulse chemisorption measurements. This can measure metal dispersion rate and evaluate oxygen storage capacity.

Metal dispersion analysis

BEL-METAL-3 is designed for effective pulse chemisorption measurements. It can measure three samples simultaneously. High-throughput-measurement is possible because time-consuming pretreatment is conducted simultaneously.

Catalyst analyzer

BELCAT series has three models that offer highly accurate and reproducible data with simple operation. This can measure pulse chemisorption, TPD, TPO/TPR and single point BET. Variations of models are following.

·BELCAT-M (The basic model of BELCAT series)
Affordable and compact manual operation system
·BELCAT-B (The standard model of BELCAT series)
Fully-automatic temperature control / data acquisition/valve operationThe instrument can be customized as the customer's requirement.
·BELCAT-A (The high-end model of BELCAT series)
In addition to the function of BELCAT-B, vapor dosing such as water is possible.

Automatic catalytic reactor system

BEL-REA is a compact fixed-bed flow reactor. The reaction can be observed for a variety conditions. According to use's requirement, this system can be customized.

Temperature controller for BELCAT

CATCryo is a measurement temperature control system to BELCAT series. Combining with BELCAT series, the furnace temperature can be controlled from -100℃ to 1100℃ without changing the furnace.

Gas Analysis

On-line gas analyzing system

BELMass is a gas analyzer with a quadrupole mass analyzer. A vacuum pump is built in the system.
This can analyze gases easily.


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