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Vapor adsorption measurement : High pressure adsorption


High pressure adsorption measurement

For high pressure adsorption measurement
The importance of high pressure adsorption measurement is growing in various industries, hydrogen or methane storage, pressure swing adsorption (PSA), CO2 absorption into hypolymer etc. But the instruments for measuring high pressure gas sorption are large-size, expensive and hard to use.



The BELSORP-HP is a small foot print bench-top type instrument. Also low price and easy to operate. Over years of our experience in adsorption science results in its technology.
The BELSORP-HP would provide the useful information with the researchers in both research and industrial fields.


Measuring principle Volumetric adsorption method
Adsorptive N2, Ar, O2, CO, H2, CO2, CH4 and other non-corrosive gas
pretreatment port
1 port
Pressure transducer Range:Select one among F.S. 1,1.5,2,3.5,13.5MPa
(133kPa for low pressure measurement can be added)
Accuracy: 0.08%F.S.
Measurement pressure range 85% of pressure transducer F.S.
Temperature range -10 - 400 oC
Measurement software Adsorption / desorption isotherm measurement and adsorption kinetic.
Analysis software
Adsorption / desorption isotherm
BET method
Langmuir method
Horvath-Kawazoe method
Saito-Foly method
Micropore volume by DA method
Isosteric heat of adsorption (Clausius-Clapeyron equation)
(Option : BELDynaTM - Adsorption rate analysis software)
Physical W600xD300xH600 mm, 60 kg
Utility Gas: He: pres. 0.2 bar (Gauge) (joint: 1/8" Swagelok)
Air for pneumatic valve: pres. 4-5 bar (Gauge)
(joint: quick connect for 1/4" plastic (teflon) tube)
Power :AC100 - 120, 200 - 240V/ 500W

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