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True density measurement : High precision pycnometer


  • Accurate result with variable volume in cells
  • Sample cell cap is grease-less and one-touch
  • Touch panel display



BELPycno is an instrument to measure true density by the gas displacement method.
BELPycno is utilizing new technologies; high resolution pressure measurement, variable cell volume, grease-less and one touch sample cell cap.Those features realize high accuracy measurement result and easy handling.


Measurement principle Gas displacement method
Sample cell volume 10cm3, 3.5cm3, 1cm3
Measurement accuracy (±0.5% of F.S.) + (±0.03% of reading)
Repeatability ±0.2% of F.S.
Pretreatment Gas purge, Flow, Vacuum (option)
Pretreatment pressure 0 ∼ 145kPa (Gauge)
Measurement pressure 0 ∼ 145kPa (Gauge)
Measurement repetition number of time Max. 100 times
Mean number of times Max. 100 times
Temperature range 15 ∼ 35oC, Water bath: 15 ∼ 50oC (option)
Calibration method Automatic calibration with calibration sphere

Interface input
Interface output

RS232C (communication with Personal computer)
RS232C (communication with printer)

Utility gas He, inert gases: pres. 1.5bar (Gauge), 1/8" Swagelok joint

Allowed gases

He, N2, inert gases

Power supply AC90 ∼ 250V/ 200W


W270×H170×D300mm, 8kg


  • Label printer for result output
  • Sample weight acquisition from electronic balance
  • Thermostatic water bath to maintain the sample temperature

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