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Evaluation of SOFC single cell

Evaluation of SOFC single cell



BEL-SOFC is the automatic evaluation and deterioration test system for single plate cell in SOFC. Unique sample setting mechanism enables highly reproducible measurement.
Gas composition, gas flow and temperature can be controlled by dedicated software. Combining with electrochemical instruments, impedance, OCP and I-V properties can be measured.


Sample Single flat plate(dia.:approx. 20mm)
*Other diameters are negotiable
Gases Anode Mixture of H2, N2,CH4M,CO and saturated water vapor
Cathode Mixture of O2 and N2
Gas flow control Mass flow controller x 2 (F.S. : 200sccm, Accuracy +/- 2%)
Humidity Control Bubbling method(5-80oC)
Temperature Control Electric furnace:400-1000oC(accuracy: 0.5oC)
Thermostatic air oven:40-100oC(accuracy: 0.5oC)
Bubbling + BEL-thermo:5-80oC(accuracy: 0.2oC)
Flexible heater tube:50-100oC(accuracy: 0.5oC)
Pressure 100kPa (Abs)
Electrochemical evaluation method Impedance measurement and I-V measurement by 3 terminal (Each electrode case) and 4 terminal pole (overall cell case)
Condenser Set 15oC by circulation water bath
Safety measure Short circuit breaker, lowering water level alarm, hydrogen detection alarm, CO detection alarm, Methane detection alarm Temperature highest limit alarm(heater OFF), Heater disconnection alarm (only for TIC1)
Measurement software Condition setting:Measurement sequence setting (Temp. flow time),
Synchronism between the sequence setting and impedance measurement and I-V measurement.
Saving format:CSV file
Display:Flow chart/TIC1-4, Trend graph of MFC input value/I-VP result
Physical W1100xD600xH1800mm (body:W750xD600xH1425mm) 150kg


  • Evaluation and deterioration test for single cell.
  • Full automatic system by dedicated software.
  • Support software reduces the possibility of error in operation.

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